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Patty - Flu Shot Question

Hi Patty,

Anna is going to get her shot the end of the month because of her asthma. Do the rest of us need them too to help protect her or since none of the rest of us have breathing/immune issues, can we skip the shot? Also, if the boys need them, is the Flu-mist as effective as the shot or should they get the injection?


Re: Patty - Flu Shot Question

Take my info as only my opinion. I think that everyone should get a flu shot. With someone who might be at risk in the house you should get it to protect her. We know what germ factories kids can be. Besides protecting Anna you will be protecting your parents also. I've never had experience with the FluMist but think it should be as effective. The only problem with it is that if you are around anyone with a comprimised immune system you have to stay away for awhile (the FluMist is a live virus where the shots are a killed virus). The other drawback to the FluMist is that I've been told that it feels like egg whites being squirted in your nose. I've never had it so can't say from personal experience (I'm too old). The new CDC recommendation is that all kids 6 months to 18 years should get the shot.


Re: Patty - Flu Shot Question

Thanks, Pat. The allergist will give Anna her shot the end of this month and then the pediatrician will give the boys the flumist in November. They hold 2 clinics on 2 different Saturdays. Scott and I will have to get our shots at the health clinic or through the doctor's office. It depends on where is cheapest. We have a $20 copay, so the clinic may be a better choice?

I appreciate your advice and we will get our shots.