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Car Travel snacks

I will be traveling down to Florida next week for Fall break(can't believe it is already FALL BREAK from school - eesh!) and will be in the car about 12 hours. Will probably stop over on the drive down and split the drive up but will most likely do the whole drive in one shot coming home. About 4 hours into the drive there is a Whole Foods Market in Birmingham Alabama which I normally stop at to buy lunch or dinner depending upon the time of day. They have a great salad bar which might be tricky this time since I will be doing all the driving. Usually do the drive with my 2 dogs - although I am leaving them and DH home for this trip - we usually have to eat dinner in the car because of the dogs and the heat (ie: can't leave them too long in a hot car!) Anyhow to make this long story shorter - any ideas for good car snacks that won't be too many points other than the obvious stuff like carrots, fruit, etc.?

Can't wait to hit the beach to go running - so much nicer than running on asphalt!

Any ideas ladies?


Re: Car Travel snacks

Besides the obvious fruits, carrots you mentioned, I alway take:

Yogurt, String cheese, Pretzels, Mini-crackers, Gum, Sugar-free hard candies (everything in individual baggies already measured or weighed), Diet Rite Cola since it has no calories, caffeine, or sodium, and lots of bottles water.

You have a lot of options....just plan ahead. I do a lot of traveling and I learned over the years to go with plenty of "stuff".

What part of FL are you going to? It is 11 hours from my home to Eglin AFB where my son-in-law, daughter, and two children have just moved to from Alaska. I was down there in August before they got in their house.

Enjoy your running on the beach and have a safe trip, in case I forget to tell you before you leave next week!

Re: Car Travel snacks

Those are some great ideas! When we travel, we are usually pulling the camper, so when it is mealtime, we stop and I fix meals in the camper. I don't have power for the microwave and could use the stove, but we usually do cold stuff.

How about things like packing turkey sandwiches in a cooler? Baked lays are portable and that makes a nice lunch. A lot of grocery stores have wonderful salad bars so you could pop in and make up a nice salad. I think even a lot of the fast food places have good choices now too with either salad or grilled chicken. The taco bell fresco menu is great, and their is always subway...

Most of all, enjoy your trip and time with your family. That time is so precious. Travel safely - our prayers for a safe trip are with you.


Re: Car Travel snacks

Portable snacks I take:

Granola Bars
100 cal. packs of whatever you like
Fiber one bars or chex bars if you like those
Raisins/or some of those Choc. plum bites I've been raving about.
crackers/Lauching cow cheese/Turkey pepperoni (assuming you're packing a cooler)