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Daily commitment for 10/4/08

Good morning everyone. Uki is camping this weekend so I'll get the ball rolling. I plan to be OP today. Made a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. It is cold and grey here today. I love Fall but when it is about 65-70 instead of in the 50's. I have to start planning what to put in the camper for next week. We will be camping in the middle of a flea market (antique cars) and can't get out once we set up. We've been doing this for 37 years so I have my list of everything we will need. When I plan my meals I have to be sure I have all the ingred. One year I took a bottle of wine to make beef stew and forgot a corkscrew. Fortunaely a neighbor had one. It is a real challenge to pack all the good foods since frig space is limited so can't take a lot fresh food. I've gotten pretty good cooking out of cans but this is the first year trying it on Core.
Hope you all have a good weekend.


Re: Daily commitment for 10/4/08

Good morning, and happy OP day to everyone. Patty you sound like you'll have a great time and that your organizational skills will stand you in good stead in remaining OP. I am off to step class, errands, 18 mos. old grandson spending the night. Take care everyone, maajida

Re: Daily commitment for 10/4/08

Well, I'm just gettin my rear in gear. Got call this morning first thing that my mom is coming to town. I have to go this morning and find my little guy a new pair of shoes. We've been potty training for awhile and he's about 90% there. The sitter must not have had him potty before he left her house and he flooded my floor when he got home, including his poor shoes. There was no saving them, LOL.

Sigh...anyway, I had a great OP day yesterday and plan to as well today. I'll have to post my menu at the end of the day, it's too hard to plan at the moment with company on it's way. We ususally eat out, but I'm not real sure what today's game plan is. Later gators!