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Daily menus for Angie 10/4

B- Oatmeal and a pear
L- probably leftover beef stew from last night
S- pizza of some sort. Last week used Arnold's sandwich thins as crust, may try something else today. I put lots of peppers, onions and mushrooms on and some 50% reduced fat pepperoni. I put it on paper towels on a plate and in the micro for a minute to get out more fat.


Re: Daily menus for Angie 10/4

Breakfast - Protein Bar
Lunch - Whopper Jr. w/o mayo or cheese and small onion ring

Snack - 100 cal choc. cake

Dinner - ??

Report back later.

Re: Daily menus for Angie 10/4

Dinner- Chili/Crackers and a banana

Snack - Popcorn