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daily menu thread for Angela 10/5

Hi everyone- i am going to good at writing everything down, i am discouraged, I am up .2 for the third week in a row. So in three weeks i have gained .6. My weight watchers leader told me to drop 1 point a day because my body is in maintenance.... my gains started when i discovered the 35 extra points a week, so i am going to try and not use them anymore.
I am going to write what i have as i go today,
So far..
Breakfast- COFFEE- In a bit i am making a huge breakfast for my family haven't yet decided what i am going to have....

Re: daily menu thread for Angela 10/5

Angie, I know the frustration of not losing and having small gains. The best advise I can give is to write down every bite that goes into your mouth. Watch your serving sizes. Now is the time to get out your measuring spoons and cups. Also if you have a food scale now is the time to use it.
Are you getting any exercise? What are you using your activity points and extra 35 points for? If you are eating lots of "snacky" things for those points maybe cut back and eat "real" food. Are you getting in your 8 healthy guidelines?
I know that I get lax on serving sizes and it shows on the scale. Even though I'm doing Core and don't really have to worry about amounts I find I do better if I limit myself to a serving as stated on the package.
Don't give up, keep posting all your foods and we'll try to help.


Re: daily menu thread for Angela 10/5

Angie - if you are doing a lot of working out and not eating all your points, you might experience gains as well.

This happened to me awhile back, I hit a 3 month plateau. Was working out like a dog but not getting in all my points....someone explained to me that even though I wasn't hungry, I still had to eat those points b/c my body needed "fuel" to burn off those pounds. Didn't make sense to me at the time, but I did it for a week and low and behold, it kick started my metabolism and I started losing again.

I'm saying all this b/c I don't really know if you work out or not.

I agree with Pat, sometimes after doing this for awhile, we start nibbling here and there. Time to write it all, meaning if you bite, then you write, LOL. It's amazing how many nibbles here and there we do and let it slid. Well, those can add up by the end of the week. Definately start measuring again and if you're not good about getting in your water then that can make a difference as well. Push the fluid.

Hope these suggestions help. Don't give up. I gain and lose the same 2 lbs for weeks sometimes and then it all works itself out.

Re: daily menu thread for Angela 10/5

Breakfast - Protein Bar

Lunch - Pizza made on Joseph's Lavash Bread with Turkey Pepperoni and lots of veggies.

Snack - Fudge Bar

Dinner - Subway (have to work tonight)

Snack - Banana and PB2 (yummy)

Re: daily menu thread for Angela 10/5

Back OP from my candy/sweets overindulgence

B: 2 Waffles with FF Promise

L: Grilled cheese made with FF cheese, FF Promise, and Lite wheat bread, Baked Sweet potato with ICBINB spray

D: Homemade pizza with tomato, turkey pepperoni, and very little cheese

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings