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Daily Commitment 10/5/08

Good morning everyone. Today will be another OP day for me. Today's plan is to get groceries and pack the camper (for the last time this year). We leave Tues morning. Have my menus planned so I can stay OP while we're gone.
What are you doing today?


Re: Daily Commitment 10/5/08

Headed off to church this morning. Everyone must be very busy this weekend. Had a nice visit with my mom and grandma yesterday. I stayed OP too during their visit; which is sometimes hard to do.

Have a good one; they are waiting on me in the car.

Re: Daily Commitment 10/5/08

Good morning and a happy Sunday to all. Here's to another OP day...still have 18 mos old grandson with me who spent last night and looking forward to a quiet peaceful afternoon before another crazy hectic but OP week. Hugs, maaj

Re: Daily Commitment 10/5/08

I am back and OP today. I confess that the Halloween campout trick or treating did me in yesterday. I suspected that might happen. I LOVE candy, but the funny thing was it wasn't as good as I remembered. The downside was that I kept tasting different ones, trying to find a candy that was what I was craving. Well, after more "tastes" than I care to admit, I discovered none of them fit the bill. Later that night they had cupcakes at the Haunted Trail, and I found that was what I wanted. So, too many sweets were on my menu Saturday. Live and learn and move on! One day af that won't do me in, but several will. I am back OP 100% today.

Good to be home. :)