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Daily commitment thread 10-6-08

We are back from camping. I wrote about my overindulgence on the Sunday thread, so I won't rehash it here. LOL

Anyway, we did have a great time and it was nice to have some family time.

Today I am tackling chores and laundry and if it is chilly I will ride the trainer or do the treadmill.

NO HALLOWEEN CANDY TODAY. There I yelled it. Now I have to stick to it. :)

OP today for sure.

How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-6-08

Today is another OP day for me. Getting ready to leave tomorrow for Hershey PA. I'm almost done packing the camper. Need to cook some stew meat for making stew later in the week. I'll be manning the flea market space for the week so don't want to spend lots of time cooking. I do as much ahead of time as I can. I've planned my menus to be OP as much as possible with limited refrigeration space. I had to get out my longjohns and wool sweater and winter coats. It is supposed to be down in the 30's at night and during the day I'll be sitting in the flea market space and it gets cold. Everyone laughs at me since I will have on my coat and hat and wrapped up a snug sack blanket. Fortunately Hershey doesn't smell like chocolate as much as it used to. They updated their exhaust for the EPA and took away lots of the smell.
Better get busy. Talk to you next week


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-6-08

Good to be back on here this a.m. as I had a hectic week-end and didn't have my "omputer time". Was able to stay OP all the way, though, even if I was away from home a lot of the time!!

I was excited to get back to a routine this a.m. and have plans for a great OP week. Our grandbaby is due any time, so I am prepared (snacks, water, etc) for a day or night at the hospital. I'm listening for the phone to ring! LOL!!

Have a great OP day everyone!

Diane S

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-6-08

sorry to be checking in so late in the day, but totally OP despite a bit of a plateau for a few weeks at 169.5 Am determined to not let the plateau provoke back into old destructive habits. Am reminding myself that this journey is about alot more than just lower scale numbers, re increased stamina, endurance, flexibility, and all that good stuff. Hope everyone's week got off to a good start today. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-6-08

Hey all! I was out of town today at my doctors appt. Will explain it all tomorrow. I'm beat and going to bed....I was OP all day. Hope you all had a geat OP day.