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Daily commitment thread 10-7-08

Good morning. The boards were slow yesterday, so I suppose folks are just busy. Maybe Diane's daughter had the baby? :)

I was BUSY yesterday too. I got all the kids clothes switched for Fall and freecycle everything they had outgrown. I had 3 different groups of stuff get rid of and it went to 3 different families. LOL I was gladit found a new home and the kids are thrilled with all their "new" clothing. LOL Their stuff came from freeycle too. :)

My mom leaves on vacation today, so she will be gone a little over a week.

Today I will get some other chores done and do the treadmill. It is cold this morning. Fall is here.

Whatcha' up to today?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-7-08

Well, I'm draggin this morning. I made it to work, but boy, I'm beat. My oldest has a nasty cough today. I'm praying it doesn't get any worse; he's really prown to coup this time of year.

Went to see my doctor yesterday. She said I "could" come off my Metformin (for the insulin resistance)...however, she didn't recommend it b/c she said with the thyroid trouble I would have a hard time getting off the last 20-25 lbs. and she didn't want me to struggle. She's like, why not just keep taking it...it's not hurting you and it will only continue to help you? So, knowing that it will be hard to get the final 25 lbs off with a thyroid problem, I'm taking her advice and staying on it. She also said that once I get to 150 lbs., she will no longer consider me insulin resistant---that's 15 lbs. away. I will still continue the Metformin until the final 25 come off. Hope that makes sense. It's a good thing this med. is cheap!

Also, while I was down there, I stopped in a bought me 2 more jars of PB2. There is one store within 100 miles of where I live that carries it and that's in my parents home town where I grew up and since I was already in town for the appt....I just thought I'd stock up. Also picked up the doctor I work for a jar b/c she wanted to try it. So, I'm very pleased it was in stock and on sale (3.99).

Not a lot going on today besides work. Have a great OP day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-7-08

Uki, I'm still here. I was on yesterday sometime! I'm still waiting for the phone! LOL! She goes to the doctor tomorrow. I'm just too anxious!! I know SHE REALLY IS!!

I'm up and at 'em this a.m. and ready for another good OP day. It's raining and I am enjoying catching up on some magazines and looking for new recipes!

Yesterday I caught up my laundry and did some ironing that was overdue!

Hope everyone else has a SUPER OP day today!

Diane S

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-7-08


I have 2 croupy kids too. Wes started when he was 5 months and finally, at age 13, has outgrown it. Mitch gets is a couple times a year. In fact he had it just this past Friday morning. He woke up with it. We started him on prednisone right away and now it is just a yucky cough - no barking. It is so weird because the boys get it so badly and Anna has NEVER had it. Go figure!

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-7-08

Uki - my kids doc. says Oct and April are the main "months" kids get it...and mine are like clock work every Oct. and April. I love this time of year, but dread it at the same time. I miss a lot of work this time of year b/c of them...which means I go to work sick.