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Daily commitment thread 10-8-08

Good morning! Off to a busy day today. I run errands this morning - groceries, off to get Mitch's glasses fixed, etc.

Tonight is date night and I think Scott has Subway planned. That works well for me!

I will hit the treadmill before I leave. I am sleepy this morning. Anna woke with a tummy ache around midnight and I stayed with her until she fell back asleep. She didn't get up again, so I think she is okay.

Have a great day! What's the baby news, Diane? :)

Carrie - good deal on maybe being able to go off the metforin soon... Yay!!! :)

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-8-08

Going slow this a.m. No baby news, yet! They have a doctor's appt at 9 this a.m.

I'm ready to do my walking, but moving a little slow. Dinner plans changed last night and was at my oldest daughter's. We had ham and that always makes me groggy. I guess the sodium or something! Could be the weather, also. Gloomy and cool after all our rain!!

I'm still OP for the day, though. Hope everyone else has a good one, too!

Diane S

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-8-08

I'm here at work and OP. I tuned in last night to watch the first hr. of Biggest Loser. Is it just me, but these women this season on Jillian's team esp...they are like whimps. (Maybe not so much the girl in the yellow)...but the rest...they seem to not have much DRIVE!! Ugh..I could go on, but so far, I'm not impressed with this season. Last season was so much better with Mark, Allie, Brittney and that other guy that came in second (can't remember his name)...I mean these people pushed through the pain and Jillian was right...she could hardly keep them out of the gym. Ok..I'm done ranting, LOL!!

Anyway, I had a great day yesterday on the food front and even worked out. I've slipped a little with the working out, but I've decided to buckle down and do it when I can (it's hard when you work 2 jobs) b/c I did notice last year when I worked out consistently that the weight does come off much faster. So, I've got to figure out a schedule and work it all in b/c it will pay off. Heck...send me to Biggest Loser and I'll take one of those ladies spots!

Anyway, have a great OP day.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-8-08

belately chiming here....am OP all the way today...am having a hungry day, so am planning accordingly. Hope you all had a good day, maajida