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Lavesh Bread

Hi Ladies;
I looked for Lavesh bread at Walmart this morning and didn't see it but I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. Is it a loaf or like the flat rounds? Is it in the deli section? Thanks.

Re: Lavesh Bread


I find it in my deli area, near the pita and Flatout brand wraps.

They are in a rectangular ziploc type package. It's not a Loaf, but more like a wrap. Ask someone in the deli area if they carry them. In my town, they only carry the tortilla and the pitas made by Joseph's, and not the bread (wrap). I go into the neighboring town's Walmart to get the bread/wrap.

If you go to Ronisweigh and use her search on her homepage, put in Joseph's Lavash Bread...she has a picture of the package so you'll kind of know what you are looking for.

Hope that helps...let us know if you find it. I bought 2 packages this week and didn't even buy a loaf of bread...I've been using these babies.

Re: Lavesh Bread

Mine was also at the deli section at Wal-Mart the first time I got it. The next time I went, there were no bread products by the deli and I asked the gal working and she said all the deli breads had been moved to regular breads. So I found it the next time up with regular bread, near the bakery. It was next to Flat-outs and pitas, and english muffins. Carrie described the package perfectly too. Joseph's LAvash also makes pitas that are yummy if you like them as well.


Re: Lavesh Bread

Thanks Ladies!