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Daily commitment thread 10-9-08

Hi there! I am little late today. I usually get up early, and I did wake at 5p, but decided to try to wait to get up until 5:30a. When I woke again, it was 6:03a, and I usually get Wes up at 6a! So, now that the guys are up, fed, and on their way, here I am.

Had a good OP day yesterday. We did go to Subway last night and I had the 6 inch turkey on wheat. I had them toast it, but won't do that again. I like the bread soft, not crunchy. I had them put lettuce, spinach, tomato, green pepper, and carrots on the it and added lots of vinegar but no oil. It was great!

No major plans today. I am going to check the temps here to see if I will ride my bike or do the treadmill. Either is fine. I have lots of taped tv shows to watch if I am in on the treadmill.

What are you up to?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-9-08

Good morning everyone. I'm here at work. I had a little trouble accessing the message board a little bit ago...not sure what the deal was; it seems to have worked itself out though...I was like..OH NO!!

Anyway, had a good OP day yesterday. I was by myself yesterday afternoon here in the office and found that I was just eating out of boredom. By the time I left, I didn't have many points left, but with some careful planning, I managed to have a very satisfying/low point dinner and still have points left for a late night snack. I fixed dinner for my family like I planned, I just made myself something different which was a BLT (turkey bacon) on a lavash wrap and loaded it up with lettuce/spinach/tomato and a slice of cheese...it was huge and only 3.5 points. I even had dessert (vitabrownie) for 1 point. I'm pleased with how I made those points stretch. My late night snack was an Apple with PB2 and I was totally satisfied!

Hope everyone is having a great OP day so far.

Angie--where are you?!!

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-9-08

Getting a late start on the board today....been busy!
Daughter-in-law got a good report yesterday, but still not ready to deliver! They won't let her go past next Wednesday, though. If she hasn't had the baby by then, they are going to induce.

I have had a great OP day today, been so busy, really haven't thought much about eating. Being outside really clears the head of cobwebs! LOL!

Hope you've had an OP day, too!

Yes!? Where are you ANGIE? We're missing you......

Diane S