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Daily commitment thread 10-10-08

Good morning and happy Friday! Goodness but the board was slow yesterday. Where is everyone????

I am OP today. I had a good day yesterday and today and get groceries and Aldi and Wal-Mart in the morning.

No major weekend plans as of yet. Wes spends the night at a friend's and church youth group is here on Sunday night.

No matter what, I will watch what I eat.

How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-10-08

Good morning. It's cold here now, but it's gonna warm back up today and tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have a showing on our house in the morning. Guess what I'll be doing tonight, LOL?! Anyway, I have a lot to do today. Gotta get through 8 hrs. of work first, then grocery shopping, then the house will get cleaned. I'll probably drop dead around midnight.

Had a great OP day yesterday and even worked out. Went to the library with my oldest so he could get some movies.

Did anyone catch Oprah about 2 days ago...she had the thriftest family in America on her show and they were talking about ways they save. This couple had like $70,000 in savings, virtually no debt. I want to know how these people grocery shop and get cartloads of stuff for under $50. It amazes me. I got to figure this out.

Anyway, have a great OP day.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-10-08

Another great OP day for me. I'm doing more housework today...been rearranging furniture!

Will go to WW in the a.m., then to grocery. Really don't need much this week. Don't know what the rest of the week-end will hold, except church Sunday, unless we have a baby!!!!

Diane S

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-10-08

And good evening! Sorry to be posting at the end of the day instead of the beginning, but it feels to know I was OP all the way. Some of my OP days are at the lower end of the calorie range I am staying within, and today was towards the higher end, but it feels so good to be in control and to have a day where I ate a little bit more, according to what my body needed, without it turning into a vist from the binge monster. Whew! Hope everyone is headed for a happy, healthy weekend. Maajida