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Daily commitment thread 10-14-08

I am up on time today so I was able to get on the computer before waking the guys!

It was good to see a few more of us posting yesterday. Welcome home, Pat!

Maaj has been OP and struggling on a plateau. We have all been there. Hang on there, Maaj - this too shall pass.

Diane should have a grandbaby soon, but this little one is not in a hurry. Anna was like that. I was induced. She just was content to stay in the womb. Now, Mitch was the opposite. He was 3 weeks early and hasn't stopped moving since then. :)

Carrie, I am hoping you get another nibble on the house! Despite the stress of all that, you have stayed OP and that is not an easy thing! :)

I got lots of chores done yesterday and took a long bike ride. Today I will get a few things done. Our Pastor is coming over tonight to talk to the kids about their upcoming baptism. We don't baptize as babies - we baptize when the individual decides they want to be baptized and all 3 kids have made that decision. We are tickled! I think they will be baptized in November.

I am hoping for another nice bike ride today too. The weather is supposed to be mild again today.

What are your plans?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-14-08

OP all the way despite the challenges...have a good day everyone. Yesterday's weigh-in was 169, down one half pound....stamina and clothes fit improving, but scale seems to be plateauing last few weeks. Would sure appreciate suggestions or support on this....thanks so much, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-14-08

Good morning everyone! I had a great OP day yesterday while working at home doing 10 loads of laundry...yup, 10 loads!! Somehow I managed to workout too and still have enough energy to run to Goodwill and look for a western shirt for DH and I for Sat. Our church is having a community fall festival and it's a Western theme. I found shirts for both of us for only $3 each! Now, I wish I could find somekind of cowboy hat or something, but I'm running out of time.

Uki - my son was baptised about 2 months ago. We wait until they are old enough to understand and have the desire to do it as well. I have pics of him if your interested in seeing sometime. It was very exciting and a beautiful service.

Maaj --OK plateau..been there/done that...I'm gonna see if I can locate some of our old posts on that subject, so be looking for me to pull those forward sometime today. The worst thing you can do at this point is to stop doing what your doing....hang in there, your body is going through an adjustment period and those scales will start moving again. My longest plateau was slightly over 3 months. Talk about frustrating, but everyone's advice on this board is what got me through that time.

Well, better get busy. Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-14-08

Good morning. I'm going to be OP today. Won't have much chance to eat anything off plan since I'll be working from noon til about 7PM. I'm taking my food with me for lunch and supper.
Got lots of housework done yesterday. Managed to get the downstairs windows washed and even washed some of the curtains.I invited some friends for supper tomorrow night and then after they accepted found out I have to work from 3-6. At least the clinic is close to home so I'm going to make a crockpot of beef stew and pick up some rolls at the store. We should be able to eat by 7. That is really late for us but guess we'll survive. Don't think I'll be able to get to WW this week,that makes 2 weeks of no weigh in. I haven't done very good during their Lose for Good campaign. Guess I won't help much to feed hungry people. Guess I'll have to give a little extra to our local food pantry this month.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-14-08

Just checking in to say....OP today for sure. Tomorrow will be the challenge, but I am prepared with a few things in my "going to the hospital bag".

I have some ironing to do today, got the laundry caught up yesterday. Had run out of starch and have to do a few shirts after my husband picks up some for me while he's in town. What an exciting day!! LOL

I will probably get an early start in the a.m, so if I'm not on here, know that I'm at the hospital waiting for the "blessed event"!!!!!

BTW, Maajida, don't be discouraged by the plateau, your body is making changes and trying to adjust. I have found that when I'm at that point, I am losing inches and not necessarily pounds! Shake up your menu, too, if you're eating the same stuff a lot! Don't get in a rut with your eating and drink, drink, drink! (water, that is!)

Have a great OP day, everyone!

Diane S