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Re: Re: Question on Hart to Hart episode

Oh wow. Thanks. Maybe you can answer one more H2H question for me that's a little harder (maybe).

I want to say that it's a 2nd season episode, but I'm probably wrong. I remember I really liked the episode. There is a scene, near the end of the episode, where Jennifer has been hypnotized. She goes, I think, to Jonathan's office and points a gun at him. She's been hypnotized to kill him. When she points the gun at him, she can't do it and tears start to fall. Jonathan, in turn, points a gun back at her with sadness in his eyes (sounds a little sappy as I write it. ) I thought this episode might be "Ex-Wives Can Be Murder" because I could have sworn actress Dana Wynter was in the episode but, again, I'm probably wrong. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!