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Re: Daily commitment thread 10-22-08

Today was a short day at work. I'm now watching last night's Biggest Loser. Have to go to the Dr. this afternoon need all my prescriptions rewritten and will tell him about the pain in the back. Think I need to go to the chiropracter but don't have the time right now.
Yesterday wasn't too good OP. Did fine till I went to friend's for supper. I made a core veggie/chicken soup but got into the bread and then the apple cake for dessert. Will do better today.
I love the idea of a Biggest Loser challenge at work I'd be signing up also if we had such a thing.
Carrie, I had the same problem remembering if I took my daily medicines so I got the containers that are marked for AM & PM of each day. If I can't remember I just look to see if the pills are still there. Guess the older I get the more help I need.
Have a good day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-22-08

so glad to come and post of my OP committment....have a touch of the flu, but am hanging in there....maajida