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Re: Daily commitment thread 10-23-08

Good morning, Uki and everyone....Uki,your efforts here are the glue that keep us all together...hope you know how much all your postings are appreciated. And thanks for asking about so many of us individually. I appreciated the reminder about the turtle and the hare....just what I needed to 'hear'. Am hanging in there OP every day....had a horrendous bout with what was either food poisoning or stomach flu yesterday...feeling better this morning, but still a bit shaky. Hope it's a happy and healthy and OP day for everyone today. Hugs, maaj

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-23-08

Good morning everyone. My little guy slept pretty well throughout the night...however, this morning he was coughing an awful lot. I'll have to play this evening by ear for sure in regards to the special service at church. I'll be pretty bummed if I can't make it...I spent a lot of time and $$ getting ready for this event. Sigh, guess that's life, huh?

Sounds like some are starting to get the "bug" early this year...at least it's hitting before all the holiday festivities.

I'm hungry. I was out of protein bars this morning and had something else...and it's not holding me. Right now, I feel like I could eat my desk, lol.

Hope everyone is doing well on the food front.