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Re: Daily committment thread for 11-1-08

Good morning. My last day to be 59. Jim got me flowers yesterday. He said I don't know what to get and I told him I don't need anything. We're past the point of buying gifts since we usually buy what we want when we want it.
Today is my day to go to craft shows. I usually don't buy much but I love to look.
Uki and Carrie enjoy your special events and don't worry about the food. You both have the program down cold and will make good choices without much effort
I plan to be OP today. I've got an acorn squash that I want to cook. May try to make "fries" out of it. Jim hates squash so I'll enjoy it all for myself.
Have a good weekend.


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-1-08

I'm OP today. I'm watching my 23 mo. old granddaughter, I love these days. I get to have her until 4:15
I'll also get some exercise in just chasing after her, she's always on the go. Have a great weekend everyone.


Re: Daily committment thread for 11-1-08

Hi everyone...checking in late in the day, but OP all the way, despite several contact attempts from the binge monster...I told him to go away, lol. Maajida