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Re: Re: Re: Daily Commitment 4/6

Brooke, I started eating Just Filling Foods. It really helped me stop grabbing a little here , or a little there. I had given myself too much freedom with counting points and had gained 3 weeks in a row because I was snacking too much. I eat the same portion sizes as if I was doing points I just dont stress so much over it anymore. I have my snacks at the same time and if I really need something and I'm not that hungry I still allow myself a piece of fruit to calm that craving. I believe getting all of the sugars out of my system has made me want the processed food less.
Dont know if I will stick with it forever but for right now it feels like the right thing to be doing.

Hope that helps


Re: Re: Re: Re: Daily Commitment 4/6

Whoa, what happened. I didn't get here before work today and now the look has changed.
Had a good day at work except it was slow. Not a lot of the workers came in to get screened. I took my lunch with me so wasn't tempted by all the great prepared foods that the store had. The stew in the crockpot was great for supper. I love having it ready to put on the table when I walk in the door. Tomorrow is Thai chicken in the crockpot.
Sounds like everyone is having a good day.