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Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

WOW! New format! I didn't know what was going on! I've missed being on here for the last few days! Got a call Sunday after lunch with my son needing me to come stay with the grandbaby for three days! Of course, that was a hard decision to make! LOL! It was easier for me to stay with them than have to get up each morning so early to get ahead of traffic. I got to have a "mini-vacation" of sorts! LOL! RIGHT! I got home last night and REALLY slept in this a.m.!

Foodwise went better with them than it does sometimes at home! I took a few things with me that I would need, so I did really good being OP. My son and wife are trying to eat healthier and he fixed a wonderful meal Monday night that was only 8 points. They do WW, too, for the most part!

It's good to be back home, though, and I have to make a run to the grocery store sometime today. I am out of yogurt, fresh veggies, egg substitute, etc. I need to make a menu plan first, though!

I've missed being able to post. I like being accountable and seeing how everyone else is dealing with the struggles, etc. of our journey together!

Hope you all have a blessed day!!

Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

Hi Ladies, I am here too! I visit the board daily, I just don't post very often. I enjoy reading the posts and benefit from the information everyone shares. I have also noticed less people on here and I will try to participate more. Thanks everyone. Laura, I am the opposite of you. I can usually keep on track with eating but I'm too lazy to exercise. I keep saying I'm going to start one day but that day never comes. Patty I compare my WW meeting to AA too, an addiction is an addiction.

Re: Daily commitment 4/9.

Good to "see" you all. Diane, sounds like you have a great time with your grandkids. At first I thought what a women being able to stay on track away from home that long, but then I thought, I do better when I stay extremely busy too and I am sure you were!!

Laura, hope your day is going better today, thinking of you.

Becky great to see you

Well I better get my breakfast in

take care