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Re: Where is everyone? D.C. for 4/17

I just got back from the gym and shopping. I made it through yesterday counting points. I'm so used to Core that I'm having a hard time but I'm going to stick to it at least this week. I've got to get my wt. loss started again. When I look at being basically the same weight as I was in January I get so mad at myself. I'm OP but can't say I'm happy. I don't like the feeling of being hungry and then seeing that I don't have points for a snack.
Carrie, I think you have to pick one plan and stay with it. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to compare what lots of them say. You asked about Core/Simply Filling. I don't think it would fit into a low/controlled carb plan but I haven't figured how many carbs are in the foods. The plan relies on whole grains, veggies and fruit. I suppose you could do it if you were careful to measure everything. It might be worth calling a nutritionist or diabetic educator to see how much they would charge for a consultation. I hate it when Drs. give out dictates and then don't tell the patient how to comply. You might even go to the Diabetes Assn. website for information.
I'll help when I can but I'm not an expert.