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Re: Daily Commitment 4/20

Hi there! I am in for the day. We had a busy weekend with Anna's birthday and all. I did great. I made the cake and cut it so I left myself 1 small piece. Then Wes ate his and asked if there was more, so I offered him part of mine and he took it. That was that. So much for cake! LOL I got a couple small bites and that was enough.

I took my first real bike ride on Saturday and that was wonderful. Sadly, it is raining today so I was back to the trainer. Oh well, the warm weather will be here eventually, right????

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/20

Good morning everyone. I am finally up to moving around today. I only slept 4 hours Sunday morning after we got home from our bachlorette party so last night I took a tynelol pm to make sure I slept and when I got up this morning I was so out of it I layed on the couch after I brought kids to school and slept till 1030!! Felt good to catch up though. Today I made a baked potatoe lunch and then when out riding around with a friend just to get out. It is pretty windy here today. hoping it dies down for my walk tonight. I will go get the kids soon and then prepare for soccer tonight from 5-7. Going walking after that with a friend. We are counting miles for ww and our goal as a group is to get to cleveland. So far I have walked 16.5 this week. I am hoping that helps me show a loss as well!!!

op for me