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Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Hello, everyone...I got on here last night and had a reply almost ready to send, then a had a pop-up of some kind that knocks me off-line when I try to x it out!! It just now popped up again!! Got to have someone check it out that knows computers (like my son) to see if it might be some virus trying to sneak in!!

Anyway, I was home around 6:30 last night, fixed dinner , then watched AI. Had a problem with snacking before bedtime! I know it is stress and just being tired! This last 5-6 pounds is going to be the "ruin of me". HELP!! Why can't I stay OP for the full day any more!!! I guess I need to revisit my old "diary" and see what I was eating while I was actually losing. I'm really getting aggravated with myself!!

Doing good so far today, though. I WILL BE OP UNTIL I GO TO BED TONIGHT!!!!!

Re: Daily Commitment 4/29

Wow, its great to see so many people on here today. I'm just home from the gym and chiropractor and blood draw. Now I'm eating lunch and watching Biggest Loser from last night.
I'm doing OK foodwise. I'm looking for a loss tomorrow. Have lots of weekly and activity points left so will enjoy myself a little today.(but not too much).
Not much happening here. Sounds like you are all doing good. Those who are having small challenges sound like you have a handle on them.
Have a great day