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Re: Daily commitment 5/23

Good Morning, we are up and moving over here. not too much planned for today. Dd has softball practice and then my grandpas 80th birthday today. tonight I am hoping to grill, maybe a walk this afternoon.

doing really well this week so far. lets hope it shows on the scale next week.

have a great holiday weekend. op for me

Re: Daily commitment 5/23

Well good evening everyone! I had the best day today. Nothing spectacular happened. Nothing at all that is why today was such a great day! Hung out this morning. Grandpas bday this afternoon. Then a long walk. painted with the kiddos. Relaxed and ate a late supper of tbone, sweet potatoe, corn on the cob. Didnt have anywhere to go so I really didnt care what time it was most of the night. Lit a campfire and induldged in a smore. I probley ate all of my activity points tonight but at least I had earned them first. ahh, the best part is that I get to wake up tommorrow and do this all over again.

hope you all had a great day to.