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Re: Hi my name is!!!

Hi, I'm Becky. I'm 46 years old, married with 3 children. My youngest son is 9 and my oldest son is 24 and I have an 18 year step daughter and a 4 year old grandson. I joined WW in October of '06 with 64 lbs. to lose. I made my goal January of '08 and made lifetime in March if '08. It has been 15 months since I made lifetime and I am maintaining between 6 and 9 lbs. under goal. I still go to my meetings every week or at least every other week. Like you said Patty, it's like AA and I'm not ready to go once a month yet. I am one of those people that read the post every day but post very rarely. I will try to post more often so hopefully the site will build back up. Have a great day everyone!

Re: Hi my name is!!!

Hi! I am Nellie, a 69-yr.old retired elementary teacher, married almost 40 years, three DDs - 36, and twins 34 1/2, one SIL, one DGS, one DGD, and a 17-yr.old cat. I earned Lifetime in April 1994, but had to return to WW in May 2007. I reached goalweight status in March 2008 and am now about 10 pounds below that point. Getting the AP's is my biggest challenge, but I work diligently at getting some kind of intentional activity each day. We have a large vegetable garden that DH enjoys working, and I enjoy harvesting and preserving. While I don't post often at all, I try to keep up with the thread several times a week.

Wishing each of you the best as you make this journey toward healthier living.


Re: Hi my name is!!!

Hi all. I'm Brooke. I'm a 27 year old married mother of a 2 year old boy, Carter, and an 8 month old girl, Taylor. I have done WW on and off for the past 5 years. I started back up in January of this year and lost abou 25 pounds. We had a house fire in March and I kind of fell off the wagon but started back up in April. In that time I gained about 7 back but have since lost them again plus another 5 or so. I have about 60 more to go, and I know it is going to take a lot of work but I will get there. I found this site after my mom sent me a recipe a while back. I love to come here for the support (even though I may not always post) and inspiration.

Re: Hi my name is!!!

Hi! I'm Cathy. I'm 47 and work as an Executive Admin. for a Financial Services company. I live in Tennessee, I'm married and I have a daughter who is a college sophomore (Go Vols!). I think I have tried every diet program, plan, scam, ect known to mankind, except Weight Watchers. For some reason I just thought that counting points sounded silly! Luckily for me, we started an "at work" program here and I decided to join up. That was in March and as of this morning, I've lost right at 25 pounds. I still have about 50 to go. I've battled my weight forever -my highest was 265 and my low was 140. I'm at 184 right now (I'm 5'8"), so I feel good, but know I can feel better. It's nice to chat with everyone!