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Re: Daily commitment 6/18

Checking in late today. Went to WW this AM and down 3.8. I'm still a little above my lowest weight but I'm getting there. I spent the rest of the day shopping and fixing food to pack in the camper. We are only going to be gone 3 days (2 nights) but it is the first time this season out with the camper so had to get all the stuff back in. I'm going to be having a craft show space there so am fixing simple meals that I mostly prepared here. It is supposed to rain all weekend so it may be a miserable weekend.
Chelsie sounds like you have your food issues under control after the wedding.
Have a great weekend. See you all on Monday.


Re: Daily commitment 6/18

Way to go pat!!!

Re: Daily commitment 6/18

Congratulations Patty. That is a great loss for a week!