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Re: Daily commitment 7/30

Well, as usual my scale at home is crazy. I only lost 0.2 instead of the 3 it said. Oh well, at least its a loss. On e-tools on the WW site where I track my weight is figures out an average of loss. Since June 11 I've only averaged 0.7 per week. Maybe I'll eventually get to goal but sometimes I wonder. I've heard about how hard it is to lose the last 10 pounds but it has been hard to lose all 90+.


Re: Daily commitment 7/30

Hi Patty, You are doing great, just don't get discouraged. I lost my weight really slow and like you said, those last 10 pounds seem to take forever! Lately I've had a really hard time staying on track and last month I gained 2 lbs. I am under goal but I know from my past that if I don't get this 2 lbs. off, it will be 20 lbs. before I know it. I refuse to gain my weight back even it is very hard to keep at it sometime.

Re: Daily commitment 7/30

hey everyone I am back, it no longer shows this site as a threat. :)

Went to a waterpark with the kiddos yesterday and then some grocery shopping got done. Today we are off to a fishing demonstration that they wanted to go to as well this am. They provide dinner so well have to see what it is.

Hope everyone is enjoying summer I feel like school is right around the corner!

Good job at keeping on moving forward even if it is a little bit at a time. It seems like my whole weight loss has been at a snails pace this time around. But I have lost 15 since January and for that I am happy.

TAke care everyone
op for me chels