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Re: Daily commitment 8/11

sorry to hear about the struggles with your blood sugar. Losing weight is hard enough. Having more than one thing to tackle is tough.

Reading about you eating your peach is making me hungry, but the cherries I have will have to do. :)

I got up late after another uneventful night of sleeping. Hopefully this all gets back into routine when I go back to work. Made it out for a two mile walk after dinner and that felt wonderful. I have been extremely slacking in the excersize dept. THen off to the pool for the afternoon with the kiddos.

tacos is on the menu tonight and then off to jujitsu . I just hope my back will handle it!!

Heres to a completely op day for me (the first one in a while) :) summer has really taken a toll on my weight loss but not my determination.

I figure as long as I am trying it is good. Its when I give up that it is bad.

have a great nite