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Re: Newbie here!!

I used to be a regular on here. A lot of people went to Facebook awhile back. This board gave me a lot of support and I took off 80 lbs. with the help of the ladies on the board. I really miss the support that was on here; I don't like posting personal weight loss battles on facebook for all my friends to see my stuggles. This forum always felt "safer."

With that said...I am fighting the battle of the buldge yet again. I've been back On Program, or OP as we called it on here, for a little over a month and I've lost 11 lbs. so far. Not bad for someone w/a thyroid problem.

Re: Newbie here!!

Coming back to post that I am now down 37.2 lbs. Working out 6 days a week and doing very low carb. Hope you all are doing well. :)

Re: Newbie here!!

I remember you, Carrie... You are doing great. You will b back at your 80 lb. loss before you know it...